Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Shelf Lacquer Sarasota Lemonade

Today I have beautiful polish, Top Shelf Sarasota Lemonade to share with you! This is another polish from the Hella Holo Custom FB group, but from earlier this year before I had joined the group. Sometimes when makers have extra polishes from previous months, they offer them for sale to the group. Sarasota Lemonade was one of those polishes, and it intrigued me. Plus, I had never tried a Top Shelf polish before, so it was a win-win for me!

Sarasota Lemonade is another unique color. It seems like just another pink holographic, but I feel like it's got more. I would call this color a "tawny pink"-- there's just a hint of brown (or copper) to this polish that gives it a rose gold (but not quite) feel and it's very sophisticate and lovely.  I used three coats here but probably could have gotten away with two. The formula was good; went on smoothly and easily-- no issues at all!

This was my first experience with Top Shelf Lacquer and I'm pretty pleased! It was easy to use and I liked that there was more to this color than meets the eye. Sarasota Lemonade was a color I could have easily worn for days; it's a beautiful color that works as a neutral with a twist of sparkle and a lot of sophistication. I'm looking forward to exploring Top Shelf as a brand; this was an exciting first purchase!


  1. Really nice colored holo polish.

  2. very beautiful... if u want we can follow each others... let me know!