Friday, February 27, 2015

Colors by Llarowe My Broke Down Crop Duster

Tonight I have a gorgeous polish to share with you: My Broke Down Crop Duster from Colors by Llarowe. As a riff (and dupe) of the legendary OPI polish "My Private Jet," this polish is described as "I can't afford a private jet so this is the next best thing! Deep blackened brown intense linear holo." This is pretty much spot on. My Broke Down Crop Duster has a very strong holo effect and the color is dark brown, but it definitely doesn't look black.

This was a great polish-- I had no issues with it. It applied easy and I used two coats. This didn't have any patchiness. It also wore very well on me, considering most of the polish I wear chips within a day!

Artificial light (flash):

Generally I'm not a lover of brown polish, but I do love it with a holographic finish. This is a very pretty polish-- and the name cracks me up. I thought it was being discontinued, but it doesn't currently appear to be. You can find it on the Llarowe site for $12.