Monday, September 1, 2014

Sally Hansen CSM A New Hue

Today I have one of the polishes from Sally Hansen's summer collection; these are limited edition so this has probably already come and gone from a drugstore or Ulta near you! Sorry about that! A New Hue, while being a misnomer because there's nothing "new" about this hue, is a gorgeous, appropriate for summer red-orange coral. I'm a sucker for these colors, big time. Everytime I see one in a display, it's like discovering nail polish for the first time! I immediately think "I.MUST.HAVE.THIS!!" and plunk down my money and run away with my pretty new polish. Not even kidding. There's something about this color that just screams summer to me and every summer I must have a new bottle of this color. It's a personal weakness.

Anyhoo... A New Hue was super easy to work with-- good formula, easy to apply. No issues there. I am terrible about taking notes these days so my best guess is that I have two coats on here, probably with a top coat. With polishes like these, there always seems to be a hint of visible nail line, but it's nothing too annoying.

A New Hue isn't groundbreaking or reinventing the colorwheel in any way, but it's a good summer staple and a polish that's hard to go wrong with. I ended up giving this one to my mom because she was looking for a new color and I have plenty of polish as is. And as Labor Day typically marks the "end" of summer (I'm not ready!), I hope you enjoyed A New Hue as a last little piece of summer!

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