Monday, January 28, 2013

Julep Nina

Tonight I have another Julep add-on, Nina. Julep describes Nina as an "electric orangesicle neon creme." I don't think this is quite as neon as my pictures would lead you to believe. It's bright and definitely has a creamsicle feel to it, but it's not a true neon. When I went out into natural light, Nina was pretty bright.

The formula on Nina was ok, but a little on the thick side. It was also a little streaky and I needed three coats to even it out. This dries pretty quickly and has the same satin/matte finish that Fiona has.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Nina is a really pretty orange, but I don't think it's a true neon-- though it is very bright. Unfortunately, Nina is  very similar to another Julep polish, Parker-- except that Nina dries to the satin/matte finish. You can see a comparison over at the Polish Jinx. I'm sad that they're so close, but this is such a cheerful, happy color that I still like it.

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