Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Julep Mindy

Tonight I have the first polish from my January Maven box-- Mindy. The theme of the box was "nudes and neons" and Mindy is the nude polish. Julep describes Mindy as a "porcelain pink sheer." It is sheer, though it seems you can make it opaque if you use enough coats.

Here I have used three coats of Mindy. This was actually the second time I swatched this, because I wanted to get it right! Since this is marketed as a sheer, I wanted to use thinner coats to keep it more on the sheer side. You can still see a hint of visible nail line, but Mindy looks pretty opaque with three coats. My main issue with this polish is not that it's a sheer, is that it's so darn streaky! If it wasn't streaky, I would love this. But it doesn't go on evenly and you can see on my nails where it's a bit patchy. It could be worse, definitely, but it's not perfect.

Artificial light - flash:

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

It's a lovely pink! And I do like it-- I guess I need to play around with applying it so see if I can get it right.

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