Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Painted Polish Feasts & Football

Oh man, I completely forgot about this poor polish sitting in my unpublished folder! I was scouring my brain for polishes I had worn and knew I was forgetting something! I actually wore this back in December, right before Christmas. I actually meant to publish this last month but real life has taken up a lot of my time and obviously I haven't been able to blog as regularly as I would have liked.

Feasts & Football was part of Painted Polish's fall/Thanksgiving collection and the photos were so stunning that I decided I had to have it! Feasts & Football is deep brown microglitter and holographic microglitter in a clear base. I actually wasn't expecting that at all (I guess I missed that in the description) so I was a bit surprised when I first applied it! But it built up nicely, though I did use three coats to make sure it was as opaque as I wanted it to be. But it was easy to apply and I didn't have any issues-- the base wasn't too thick so it didn't create problems! The holographic microglitter was very sparkly and this worked really well as a neutral.

I was really happy with this -- it's a gorgeous color and I definitely find that a holographic finish makes me much more likely to wear the color brown. This looked great on my nail! I was a bit surprised when I first applied it but it didn't end up being an issue at all. Now that I know what I to expect I look forward to using my other (and future, haha) Painted Polishes!

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