Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Native War Paints Real Life Cart Jacking

This poor post-- I've literally been trying to get it up for weeks and it keeps getting rescheduled and rescheduled because I forget to finish it. No longer! Today I have one of the Black Friday polishes that Native War Paints released, Real Life Cart Jacking. I actually missed this the first time around but there was some leftover stock that was released in December so I decided to grab this one because it was the one I was most intrigued by. 

Real Life Cart Jacking is described as a "dark burgundy with turquoise shimmer." Yes! Some pictures make this look more red, but in truth it's a deep red with plummy brown tones to it. The turquoise shimmer is strong (and gorgeous). The formula was a pretty good, nicely pigmented but not too thick. I used my usual three coats but probably could have gotten away with two. I didn't have any issues with this.

Again, this wasn't quite what I expected, but I still like it. My photos make it look more purple than it was in real life, and though it does have purple tones you can definitely tell it's red. Apparently my camera had other ideas. I thought it would be more red, but I find the plummy red brown color very attractive as well and it works well with the turquoise shimmer. Definitely a more unique polish in my collection! 

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