Thursday, February 9, 2017

Native War Paint Brokelyn

Today I have one of the Polish Con exclusives-- these are polishes that are being released weekly as a lead up to the Polish Con being held in April in New York. This polish is Brokelyn by Native War Paints, a play on the location (Brooklyn) and how broke all the attendees are going to be when it's done, hah! I am not attending myself but I am pleased that they makers are releasing these polishes up to everyone prior to the event because not everyone can get there!

Brokelyn is a deep blue with a strong copper shimmer. The formula was good; this is nicely pigment and goes on smoothly and easily and wasn't too thin or too thick. I believe I ended up using three coats just to make sure everything was as opaque as I wanted it to be-- most people could probably get away with two coats if so inclined!

I also got a photo in the sun (with my phone) to showcase the amazing shimmer:

SHIMMAAAAAAAA!! *cough* Anyway...

This was a little darker than I was expecting but the shimmer is wonderful. I will say it disappeared a bit in low light but really was stunning in sunlight. The shimmer also dulls the blue pigment a bit and gives it almost a purple/grey tone but it's a small quibble because I think it's really pretty!

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