Friday, December 2, 2016

Purple Friday: Different Dimension Aster Purple Dome

We did! We stomped the Cougars in the Apple Cup just as I hoped (and maybe was praying for, haha) and by doing so, claimed the Pac-12 North crown. After the last regular season Pac-12 games were played on Saturday, we're facing Colorado in the Pac-12 Championship game that happens to be tonight! While we'd love to be there in person cheering on the Dawgs, traveling to California wasn't in the cards this time around. But we are fortunate that our regular babysitter was available and she's going to watch the kids so we can have a nice date night and watch the game! Colorado will definitely present a challenge-- they started in the Pac-12 as one of the worst programs but have turned it around, as evidenced by the fact that they won the Pac-12 South and are currently ranked in the top 10 themselves. I'm not really sure what to expect from this game-- I definitely know Colorado will not be push over, but I'm also not sure their defense can match ours, which may give us the edge (I hope)! But they have a very good offense and the Dawgs will have to work hard to keep them contained. Fingers crossed! I suspect I will have severe anxiety over this game as the day goes on!

While I was searching  my extensive collection of purple polishes (and I do mean extensive), I was having a hard time deciding which purple I felt I should pick for the championship game. Nothing seemed quite right (and I had swatched several) until I pulled out Different Dimension Aster Purple Dome. This was a fan group custom that was released sometime this past spring and I was hoping that the purple with gold combo would be what I was looking for: BINGO! Exactly I what I was hoping for. Aster Purple Dome is a deep grape purple creme with gold and holographic glitter scattered through out. I had no issues with this; it went on smoothly and the glitter is perfectly distributed. And I only needed two coats! TWO! Practically unheard of for me, you guys!

In the bottle, I thought this might lean too blue, so I was really happy when I applied Aster Purple Dome and it was a nice rich purple. I love how smoothly this went on. The gold and holographic glitter takes it to the next level. Purple and gold is always a great combo, so it's not really surprise that I love this! I love how deep the purple is-- it is definitely blue leaning but I have no problem seeing that it's purple.

As a final note, the name on this is totally confusing. I've seen it as Aster Dome Purple (another review) and Aster Purple Dome (on my bottle/order) so I picked the latter because seems to be more common.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Buffs! 

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