Friday, December 16, 2016

Daily Hues Alexandra

I can't remember what week it was now, but back in November I skipped a Purple Friday post because I was feeling pretty sick and didn't have the energy to paint my nails or blog about it. Thankfully, the polish I had applied before I got sick managed to hold up and was close enough to being purple that I just rolled with it for the football game (which the Huskies won, so I guess it worked, hah). Now I'll finally get around to showing you the polish, Daily Hues Alexandra. This was actually a group custom for the Facebook fan group. And now it looks like Daily Hues is going on a hiatus, if not closing, due to life/work. Another sad day for PNW polish fanatics; I feel like a lot of local makers are closing up shop, which sucks! Daily Hues did have some growing pains in the beginning which also didn't help, but I have enjoyed a good relationship with the maker Jenn and never experienced any issues myself.

ANYWAY... Alexandra was a group custom based on this photo:

The result is a really pretty polish! Alexandra is a rich pink toned purple orchid creme with golden shimmer with a dash of holo as well! The formula was good; a titch thick but easy to apply and I didn't struggle with it at all. I used three coats because of course I did, but I feel like two would have been sufficient for most people!

So pretty! I really like this! This is one of those shades that seems to be universally flattering and is really beautiful. I am bummed that Daily Hues is most likely going out of business but at least this gorgeous polish is mine!

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