Thursday, December 15, 2016

Great Lakes Lacquer Leaves In The Lake

Ugh, running so behind right now! I can't remember to actually write any of my posts! That's annoying, sorry! Today I have a really pretty polish to share with you, Great Lakes Lacquer Leaves In The Lake. This was a limited edition polish released in September as an exclusive for Polish Con, which took place in Chicago. Luckily it was also released for a short time in the Great Lakes store, so even those of us that couldn't make it to Polish Con got to participate a little!

Leaves In The Lake is a deep blue jelly stuffed full of multicolor flakies. Being a jelly, the first coat was definitely sheer, but the flakies are pretty dense and easy to get out. This builds up really pretty nicely but you definitely need three coats to eliminate VNL if you're not going to layer it over a base color. But I didn't really have any troubles; even the flakies were pretty well behaved and only wanted to migrate a little.

This photographed looking a little thin on the tips, which I think is due to the jelly base of the polish; in real life, there was maybe a hint of VNL but nothing all that bothersome and it looked pretty opaque to the eye. I love that this polish really does look like fall leaves in the water. Plus, I love flakies so it's not a huge surprise that this appeals to me.

Happy Thursday! We're almost at the weekend!

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