Monday, December 12, 2016

Colors by Lllarowe Turning Leaves

Today I have the Colors by Llarowe November Polish of the Month, Turning Leaves. I actually meant to post this last week but time escaped me and I never got around to it. That seems pretty typical this month! I definitely spent some of this weekend panicking about getting ready for Christmas, but am feeling a bit better after we got our tree up and (mostly) decorated and I started baking some cookies. Now to finish the shopping and wrapping! On to the polish!

Turning Leaves is a deep reddish brown linear holographic polish. This color definitely captures the richness of fall. I would say that Turning Leaves looks more red in the bottle, and though there is a definite red tone it definitely looked more brown on the nail. I didn't have any issues with this polish-- like most CbL's it was a little thick but in the good, easy to apply way. I only needed two coats and probably could have gotten away with one if I had been careful but blah blah I can never do that anyway! So two coats! I wore this for longer than my normal two days over the Thanksgiving holiday and it held up pretty well.

I love browns like Turning Leaves. It's deep and rich-- there's a lot of depth here so it's not just a blah brown. I love the slight red tone it has, and of course the holographic finish never disappoints and really makes this a true beauty! It's dark but never looked black. Great formula, wore well, and probably one of my favorite browns this year-- if I've even worn that many browns at all!

Happy Monday! Are you busy getting ready for the holidays?

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