Friday, October 21, 2016

Purple Friday: Fairytale Finish Picking Huckleberries

Hah, apparently when I talked about taking a brief hiatus, I actually meant this week because I completely forgot to get anything together for blogging! Whoopsie!  Sorry about that. I will try (and probably fail) to have some stuff up next week, when I am actually traveling, but this month has turned absolutely crazy so I make no guarantees.

Well, I could not have asked for more in regards to the UW-Oregon game! If I were writing a report card for UW football (in regards to that game) it would be: exceeds expectations. We just walloped the Ducks, and I don't feel sorry about it at all, given how they've beaten us 12 years in a row! I'm trying not to get too excited because there's still a lot of football to play. But the Dawgs are already bowl eligible and things are looking good! I'm loving how this team looks! It's a lot of fun to watch them! This week we play the other Oregon school, the Oregon State Beavers. OSU has suffered a lot of injuries, though they did just beat Cal, so I would call them a sleeper team and we've been surprised by them in the past! Hopefully the Dawgs are rested and ready after their bye week and haven't fallen asleep at the wheel.

The polish I picked for this week if Fairytale Finish Picking Huckleberries, which is described as a "lovely purple jelly with micro silver holo flakies, and scattered holo." To me this is a kind of reddish purple, though with the jelly formula it does deepen and darken as you layer it. With the jelly formula, it does go on a little bit sheer at first, but builds up nicely. I used three coats here and didn't have any issues! 

Picking Huckleberries is very pretty; the scatter holographic flakies make this a more unique purple polish in my collection. It's really lovely and again, makes me sad that Fairytale Finish has closed shop. Because this polish was part of a collaboration celebrating Washington, it felt right to pull out as we play another Northwest school.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Beavers! 

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