Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Girly Bits Selfie Bomb

Let's get our week started with some sparkle!! Of course, after a couple stellar weeks of posting, now I'm back to my old habits (and being tired) so I'm not on top of posting any more! (And things were pretty busy because it was Easter this past weekend, so I'm behind. We haven't even done our weekly grocery shopping yet, ack!) Today I have an oldie (but goodie) to share with you: Selfie Bomb, which was originally released in 2014 as part of the What Really Happened in Vegas Collection-- which is a collection that Pam puts out based on all the nail ladies getting together at CosmoProf in Vegas every year (well, so far there have been two of them). Anyway, on to the polish!

Selfie Bomb is described as a "sparkly gold holo micro glitter shimmer combination accented with pink and lavender microglitter." It certainly is sparkly! Because it's been awhile since I wore this, I think I used three coats to get the opaque coverage I wanted. It's no secret that I love a gold nail polish, and this hits all the right buttons. This was easy to apply and dried quickly, so no issues there!

I did wear this awhile ago in real life, but I still think it's awesome. Luckily, this polish is still readily available if you are craving something gold and sparkly! Because really, sometimes you just need to let your inner magpie (oooohh! shiny!) come out to play. Beautiful!