Monday, March 14, 2016

Colors by Llarowe Chasing a Unicorn

"Chasing a unicorn" is a phrase that's used to explain the desire people have to find the impossible, the elusive, the mythical. In this case, Leah Ann of Colors by Llarowe named this polish after an elusive desire of her own-- a white holo. In the nail polish world, white holos are difficult (actually impossible) to make because the holographic pigment that is added to the base color adds a greying or silvery effect to the color, usually lighting it up a bit, and in the case of whites, greying them out. So Leah Ann created this duo, Chasing a Unicorn, after her quest to make a white holo.

The color correcting base is a white crelly that is a little bit thick and goes on a bit streaky, as most whites tends to do. I used a light hand when applying this to try and avoid streaks, though I did have to use two coats and still had a few patchy areas. I will admit that because I was putting the holo coat on over it, I didn't make much an effort to get my base coats completely even and opaque. It wasn't terrible, but I probably could have been more careful when applying it. Also, because I don't get along with jellies at all, there was a tiny bit of bubbling but this was covered up by the holo part of the duo. Chasing a Unicorn holo top coat was easy to apply-- sheer but went on nicely and didn't seem streaky. 

Yikes, I didn't realize what a sloppy polish job I did until I went back to edit these photos. Sorry guys, that's embarrassing!

This still isn't quite a pure white holo, of course, but it's still pretty! Chasing a Unicorn does lend a soft greyish edge to the finish look, which I personally find a bit more flattering anyway (true white polish reminds me of white out) so I'm not upset it's not a true true white. You could probably vary how white/grey the finished product looks by varying the thickness of the coats of polish you use or how many coats you use. 


  1. Thanks for this review - I've been wondering about this duo and how important/good the white polish is. It was nice to get your take on the formula and the final result.

  2. I didn't even know there was a duo! I only knew the holo top coat part. Oh gosh! Anyway, a pure white holo is a unicorn indeed, and I'd so love to find one because I love white nails!

  3. I feel like this is more of a grey holo, still pretty though. I would be frustrated with the white, especially since there are some that work pretty well. It looks good on you!

  4. Very pretty combo! One day someone will figure out the secret to a true white holo!