Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Belated Valentine's Day Manicure

Yes, I know it's March... and we're heading into the downhill slide towards St. Patrick's Day and Easter. But because I am back at blogging (I still have to get back into a groove as I am woefully out of practice) I wanted to share the manicure that I sported for Valentine's Day before we get too much farther away from it.

Back in January, I saw Dollish Polish post on their Instagram page about releasing a Valentine's duo inspired by Han Solo and Leia Organa from Star Wars. Being that Han/Leia is my OTP (one true pairing-- goddamnit JJ Abrams for breaking them up) stemming from my SW obsession that started back in middle school, there was no way I was going to pass up on this duo! Based on the famous lines that Han and Leia, the duo consisted of I Love You, described as a candy pink with a scattered holographic finish and I Know, a glitter topper featuring matte red and pink hex glitter in a shimmery holo base (the actual description says red, and there may be a slight tint to it, but I didn't really see that it affected the color of my base polish).

For my manicure I decided to use I Love You for the majority of my nails, and then use I Know on an accent nail. For the base color of my accent nail, I pulled out Enchanted Polish Faerydae, a pale pink holographic to layer I Know over. Yes, it breaks up the whole Star Wars theme, but... we do what we have to, right? Really, I should have pulled out Dollish Polish Millennium Falcon to really complete the manicure-- maybe next time!

Sadly for me, though I loved the way this looked, this manicure was a nightmare. Not because the polishes were bad (they were totally fine) but because my head as completely in the clouds when I did it. February was a very rough month for my family (my dad ended up in the hospital, our water heater exploded, one of my sons had a seizure) and when I did this manicure late at night on the 13th, my head was just off in the clouds and I was probably tired and I didn't pay any attention to what I was doing-- so I ended up using top coat as my base coat and vice verse. Let me tell you; it doesn't work that way! Even though I remedied the base coat as top coat situation by slapping a real top coat on my nails, this manicure ended up peeling off in sheets. Lesson learned: don't mix these two up! So I ended up removing this pretty quickly, which was a real shame because I loved how it looked. I will have to redo this properly at some point in the future because I absolutely loved all the polishes. At least the photos look ok, right?

Have you every had an ridiculous/silly/stupid mishaps when applying a manicure?


  1. Very pretty - I'm sad to hear it didn't last due to the mix up. I'm taking notes to be careful to read my bottles from now on :)

  2. Very pretty manicure and I think you chosed a good base for the glitterpolish.

  3. Its so pretty :) I hope everything is going better for you. I think my most ridiculous mishap was finding dog fur in my acrygel *after* I cured it.

  4. Very pretty. I love the glitter accent. I hope March is a lot more peaceful for you and your family!

  5. Oh you poor thing! I hope March is much better for you and your family!