Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zoya Stevie

Today I have another Zoya Pixie Dust to share with you today! This time it's Zoya Stevie! (Aside: does the name of this polish recall the character from The Saddle Club book series? Did anyone else read those books? I was horse crazy as a younger girl and I devoured these books.) Moving right along-- Zoya Stevie is a "violet sparkle" and was originally released in the Summer 2013 collection. I would further say that Stevie has a silvery sparkle to it. Like the other Pixie Dusts, this has a great formula and covers nicely in two coats (it is possible I used three, but I'm pretty sure it was just two).

Artificial light (flash):

Honestly, looking through swatches originally, Stevie was not my favorite Pixie Dust. But then I actually wore it and I was amazed by how much I liked it. This is a gorgeous spring color, very reminiscent of the lilacs that bloom in the spring, which are my favorites. This is definitely a winner in my books; I'm glad that my initial reaction was turned on its head when I wore this.

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  1. I really like the muted purple to this texture polish. How pretty!