Tuesday, May 5, 2015

L'Oreal Skinny Jeans

Hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo celebrations-- we whipped up quite the little Mexican insprired feast and I am currently pleasantly buzzed on margaritas. Sounds like a good Tuesday! Tonight I have a polish that has been kicking around since last summer-- whoops! I honestly meant for it to get on the blog a lot sooner than now, but... life. What can I say? This is Skinny Jeans, from last summer's Denim Collection, which consisted of six textured polishes. You've seen a few of them already on the blog. I got the whole collection, but it was this polish that made me want them in the first place!

Skinny Jeans is a periwinkle creme texture. This color is so pretty! I don't recall any issues when I applied it and I'm believe I used two coats here. Like most textures, this dried quickly and had a slightly scratchy finish but that wore down the longer I wore it.

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light (sun):

When texture polishes started coming out, I used to dislike the creme ones (meaning, the ones without glitter) but these cremes have really grown on me. Plus, periwinkle is a great summer color so these hits all the right notes for me! 


  1. I like more sparkly texture polishes but the color on this one is so pretty.

  2. I don't recall seeing this color, but it's very pretty! I am imagining a little but of Fairy Dust on top for some sparkle :-)

  3. I love the color, but also like it when the texture adds some sparkle. Texture without sparkle looks like paint poured on sand. Your manis are perfectly done as always!