Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pahlish Always Bring a Banana

Recently, I was overcome with the desire to wear a yellow polish. This might sound weird to non-polish lovers And conveniently, not long ago I got a new, sparkly yellow polish courtesy of a Llarowe sale: Pahlish Always Bring A Banana. Pahlish is a new-to-me brand, so this the first appearance on the blog and my first experience with the brand. Always Bring A Banana is from Pahlish's Doctor Who collection. Apparently, there are a lot more bananas in Doctor Who than I initially realized, because I was totally wrong about which episode inspired this polish, hahaha!

Anyway, Always Bring A Banana is a bright mustard yellow holographic polish. In the bottle this definitely seemed less mustardy yellow and more sunshine yellow. I was a little bit surprised, but it's not necessarily a bad thing (maybe my eyes are just weird). This does have a holographic finish, though it is not very strong. In the bottle this looks more like a glass fleck. It's pretty, though! I ended up using three coats here, though I probably could have gotten away with two. There was a hint of visible nail line with just two coats, but I don't see any with three coats. The biggest issue was that the formula on this was thick. It seemed to get thicker as I used it. It wasn't terrible to apply, but it was kind of annoying.

Artificial light (flash):

Sorry for the the lack of a clean-up job here, but... I am busy and was probably tired! Though it wasn't quite the yellow I thought it was in the bottle, I really liked it and it was the little spot of sunshine I was looking for! The formula wasn't perfect, but it wasn't horrible, so I would definitely be willing to try more Pahlish polishes in the future!

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  1. What a fun yellow holo! I don't think I own one in this color too.