Sunday, March 15, 2015

KB Shimmer Pretty in Punk

Woo, my first KB Shimmer polish on the blog! I recently bought some polishes from their discontinued section, including this polish, Pretty in Punk. This was part of the Winter 2013 Collection and unfortunately it's no longer available. Sorry!

Pretty in Punk is a multi-chrome that also has a linear holo. It's described as shifting from "a pretty pistachio green, to a bright green, to silver, to a soft pink almost lavender color." You can wear this alone or layered over a darker color for a base-- in my photos I have it layered over Cult Nails Flash. I used one coat here and had absolutely no issues.

Ok, you're going to see the first picture and think, this isn't green! But trust me, it is! The flash really picked up the silvery lavender color (which to me almost looks a little brown, or am I crazy?) and you can see a hint of green on the edges. You can definitely see how green Pretty in Punk is in the natural light photos. It's so gorgeous in real life and definitely seems a lot more green there.

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light (shade):

So pretty! I'm really glad I snagged this one-- I love that is has both the mutli-chrome and holographic finish! Do you prefer one or the other or both?

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