Saturday, October 4, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Black Gold, Texas Tea

Today I have a Colors by Llarowe polish to share with you-- I think this is the first time I've posted one on the blog (well, for a full review)! I've actually had this polish for over a year, but only just got around to wearing it. I was craving something dark and thought this black holo would give me what I wanted. Black Gold, Texas Tea is a jet black linear holo. As I remember, the formula on this is pretty decent-- I think I only used two coats here. In case you didn't know, "black gold" and "Texas tea" are euphemisms for oil, which is of course drilled in Texas. (I knew about black gold, but had to google Texas tea! Thanks Wikipedia!)

I had a devil of a time photographing this polish. I mean, in the bottle, Black Gold, Texas Tea is a amazing:

But unfortunately, I feel like the holo got swallowed up in the base color on the nail. Maybe the black base is too black? I'm not sure if it had something to do with the top coat I was wearing (Cult Nails Wicked Fast) and that dulled the holo or what, but it definitely looked flat on the nail.

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light (sun):

I was hoping that the holographic qualities would be a lot stronger, given how this looks in the bottle. You can still see the holo, but it's not very strong. I was a bit disappointed overall, so maybe next time I will wear this I will either wear a different top coat or none at all. Maybe another coat would have helped? I'm not sure. I really do wish I had fallen in love this, but sadly I'm not. But never fear-- there are other polishes by CbL that I love! You'll see more of them soon (I hope).

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  1. Its pretty but agree that if the holo was stronger, this polish would be amazing.