Friday, July 3, 2015

Julep Manda

Today I have yet another gorgeous polish to show you! This one came in my June Maven box and her name is Manda. I added her own to my box and boy am I glad I did! Manda is described as a "sky blue with golden shimmer" and that's spot on. To me, this seemed like an odd choice for a summer box, has it has a very icy, wintry feel to it. To me, I am reminded of the sunny breaking over a snowy field on a cold January morning... and given the heat wave we are currently experiencing in Seattle, I could use a little cool in my life! (Remind me of this when it's 45° and raining, please.)

Manda had a pretty decent formula, though it wasn't perfect. It was a little thin, so I applied three coats to make sure I had a streak-free finish. But really, I don't have many complaints. I used a light hand and that basically eliminated any issues.

Artificial light (flash):

I love Manda! This color is beautiful and I love the gold shimmer in the blue base. It's so pretty! I could wear this forever (ok, not really, there are too many other gorgeous polishes out there) but this one is fabulous. This is a winner in my books; I will definitely need to remember to pull this one out next winter.