Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Zoya Solange

And here we are with another installment of Texture Tuesday! Today I have another Pixie Dust to share with you-- Zoya Solange. I can only assume this is named after the fabulous Solange Knowles, who I think I has a great sense of style, and shhhh, I think I like Solange better than her sister. Solange is described as a "gold metal foil sparkle" and this is description is spot on. It's a yellow gold base with a strong gold shimmer. 

Solange is similar to all the other Pixie Dusts that I have tried so far-- it went on easily and smoothly. It was a little on the sheer side, but three coats gave me great, opaque coverage. As with all the other polishes, it dried down quickly to the textured finish. It wore well-- didn't chip for several days and then it came off easily when I wanted to remove it.

Artificial light (flash):

I sound like a broken record, but this is another slam dunk from the Pixie Dust collection. I even got a compliment from a girl at the döner kebab restaurant I sometimes frequent, and that always makes my day. I have a soft spot for yellow gold polishes and I feel like they look great with everything. So Solange is definitely a winner! I love this and I really wish Zoya would make these polishes again-- can you imagine some pastels or brights? I already want to wear Solange again!

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