Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Two-fer Tuesday (x2): Maybelline Rebel Bloom Collection

Double bonus two-fer Tuesday this week! I have all four polishes from the Maybelline Rebel Bloom Collection that is currently available at your local drugstore-- I wanted to get these all up together because this collection has been popular. After seeing these over on Fashion Footing I decided I needed to have them all, so when I stumbled across them you can believe I snatched them all as soon as I could.

There were only four polishes in this collection, but a very nice grouping. All of the polishes have a creme finish. Beach Blossom is a pinky beige nude, which is very close to being my mannequin hands shade. Rose Candy is a very bright pink leaning coral. Fiery Tulip is a magenta pink, while Purple Madness, as the name suggests, is a deep blue-leaning purple. The formula on these was all pretty good-- I think I used three coats with Beach Blossom and two coats with all the other polishes. They were all nicely pigmented and went on easily, no issues at all! Pretty much perfection.

Beach Blossom: 

Rose Candy: 

Fiery Tulip: 

Purple Madness:

None of these colors are necessarily ground-breaking or unique but they do make up a really pretty capsule collection and are perfect for spring and summer. The colors are all incredibly flattering and have great formulas. Plus, the packaging is cute and the price point is good, so if any of these colors appeal to you, I'd run out and get them asap.


  1. They look good especially Rose Candy and Fiery Tulip.

    1. Rose Candy is my favorite! But they're all great.

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  3. Rose Candy is still my favorite. I regret nothing :-p