Monday, April 20, 2015

Sally Hansen Babe Blue

Today I have a quick post for you! I feel like all my Monday posts are quickies-- probably because I haven't gotten into the swing of week yet. This is Sally Hansen Babe Blue, which is a polish from the spring collection. Babe Blue is a pretty periwinkle blue with a slight shimmer-- the shimmer is practically invisible but you can catch a little glimpse of it here and there. The formula is ok-- it's a little on the thin side, so I needed three coats to make sure I had completely opaque coverage.

Artificial light (flash):

It is a pretty color, though the formula was just ok. My photos are a bit brighter here than this polish actually is in real life, but it's a nice traditional color for spring. Not all that unique, unfortunately, but pretty nonetheless! What colors are you craving for spring?

Happy Monday everyone!

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