Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two-fer Tuesday! L'Oreal Jean & Tonic and Distressed Turquoise

Hey all! I am hoping that this will become a regular (or at least sem-regular) feature on the blog where I will show you two polishes that are either the same color, same brand/collection, or same finish (and potentially all three!). I thought this could be a way to combine a few of my swatching photos and hopefully inject some life into my blog! We'll see if I can keep it up!

 For my first Two-fer Tuesday I am bringing you two L'Oreal polishes, both from the Miss Denim textured collection that was released this spring. First up is Jean & Tonic, a teal textured polish. Personally, I love the name, mainly because gin & tonics (or any drink with gin, if I'm honest) is my favorite libation. This applied really well and I used two coats here:

And then we have Distressed Turquoise-- which you'd think, from the name, would be... I don't know, turquoise, right?! Hahaha! You would be fooled, then. This is a light, sky blue polish that doesn't have any turquoise that I can see. This also had a good formula and applied easily. I used two coats here.

I actually grabbed this whole collection (and do have the other polishes to show you at some point) but overall, given that I'm a big fan of textured polishes, I really loved this collection. These are great colors, for any time of year, really, and they have a great formula. I can't say anything bad about them! The only thing is that Jean & Tonic does want to stain if you are not careful, so I would definitely double up on base coat.


  1. These are nice colors for textures. I do prefer the more sparkly ones though.

  2. Great idea for a series! I usually prefer textures with shimmer or glitter but the Jean and Tonic polish is a lovely color!