Monday, November 17, 2014

Deborah Lippman Careless Whisper

Today I have my first ever Deborah  Lippman polish on the blog! Technically not my first Lippman polish, because a friend gave me Glitter In The Air for my birthday, which I haven't worn yet! Nail blogger problems, yo. I love the way these bottles look and have often found myself wanting polishes from her collections but never took the plunge until recently. But a month or so ago I saw that there were some Lippman polishes on sale at, so I decided to snag a couple. Careless Whisper was a bit of a gamble on my part- did it pay off?

Careless Whisper is a pinky beige nude with a very pretty pink shimmer to it. A little Googling tells me this was released in 2013 (as part of the spring collection). This can be used as a (relatively) sheer polish, but here I used three coats to make it opaque. I actually decided to wear this to a job interview I had recently (my first in over eight years!) and it was perfect for that. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job-- though I think it came down to a timing issue more than anything else. But as I now have to search for a new job because I am being laid off (ugh) I might be pulling this out more!

Artificial light - flash:

I'm glad I took a chance with this polish; it's a great neutral! I think it's really pretty for an understated polish. This polish appears not to be available for sale for anymore, so if you like this you might be out of luck. However, I was really pleased with my first Deborah Lippman experience and can't wait to play with the other polishes that I got!


  1. Its a nice neutral. Not a color I would go for normally though.

    1. Yeah, I doubt I ever would have bought this color at full price. But sale, sure!