Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ozotic 505

Hey all! Tonight I have another Ozotic polish for you-- one of their multichrome polishes, 505. This is a gorgeous polish that shifts from dark green to blue to purple. It's gorgeous in the bottle and luckily, just as gorgeous on the nail! For these swatches I layered 505 over A England Camelot, a deep shiny black, to bring out the color shift. I used two coats of 505 here.

Short on words tonight-- let's get to the pictures!

Under direct light, 505 is a gorgeous shade of emerald green.

In indirect light, 505 starts to shift from green to purple

Artificial light:

Natural light - shade:

Unfortunuately, as another polish from the Ozotic 500 line, this polish has also been discontinued (why?!?!) and is sold out. Lame! This polish is so pretty and the color shift is gorgeous-- definitely moreso in person than in my photos!


  1. Its a unique color! So pretty :)

  2. This polish is just amazing! Every time I see swatches, I'm just like "WOW"! Great job capturing the color shift. :)

    ~ Yun