Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Julep Diane

The next Julep polish I have for you is Diane. I received Diane as part of my November Maven box-- they had a "polish lovers" option which was three different polishes. Since then, Julep has designated the "It Girl" box as their polish lovers box, so if you want the focus to be on polish specifically, you can always change your Maven subscription!

Anyway, Diane was one of three polishes and it's deep forest green jelly/creme polish. Julep describes this polish as an "elegant, forest grey-green. Our Emerald City in a bottle." And certainly, Diane is a gorgeous deep green (forest green is spot on)-- very representative of the green spaces in Seattle, aka the Emerald City. And oh my, due to the beauty of this polish in the bottle, I wanted to love this polish. I don't have anything else like this in my collection as I'm generally not drawn to green polishes and I wanted to like this. However, I had massive issues with Diane. Considering how dark the polish is, it seemed poorly pigmented and was very streaky with a thin formula. Part of that might be due to the squishy jelly finish-- you need to use thicker coats. Also, although you can clearly tell Diane is dark green in the bottle, on the nail I found it be much darker and closer to black than anticipated-- in low light especially. That might in part due to the fact that I had to use three to four coats to get rid of the streaks and get complete coverage.

In the pictures below I have three coats of polish on my index/middle fingers and four coats on my ring finger. I used the Julep base coat and no top coat. Diane is a very shiny polish even without a top coat. 

Artificial light:

Artificial light with flash:

Natural light - shade:

I wanted to love Diane, but the formula made it extremely difficult. I will try this polish again, but with slightly thicker coats of polish to see if I can get away with fewer coats of polish. Diane has the potential to be an awesome polish, but unfortunately wasn't.

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  1. I hate when a polish only looks good in the sun or very bright rooms. I love the look of the jelly polishes. Too bad it was hard to work with.