Monday, July 11, 2016

Fairytale Finish Fairy Iconic

Happy Monday all! Hope your week is off to a good start; we got back from five days of vacation and the reentry into real life has been a bit rough. Today I'm starting a teal themed week, featuring some gorgeous teal polishes. I know I've mentioned on my blog before that I am not a huge green fan, but I do love certain shades of green, especially teal. It just happened that I had a bunch of polishes that fit this description and I decided to make a little themed week for kicks! Shake things up a little!

Today I have Fairytale Finish Fairy Iconic to share with you! Fairy Iconic is (I believe there are still bottles left) group exclusive to the Fairytale Finish facebook group. I'm a big supporter of Fairytale Finish so I jumped on this immediately. It was voted on by the facebook group and the winning combination was Tiffany Blue and holographic, and this is what Amanda came up with! It has a rich teal creme base with a subtle holographic finish.

This had a wonderful formula! It was super creamy and smooth and went on very easily. I actually think I used two coats here instead of my usual three, that's how good it was! In any case, it was a dream to work with and I don't have any complaints! My only (very) minor quibble is that it was difficult to photographic the holographic finish, which was very nice in person but apparently too subtle for my camera!

This is such a gorgeous color; I actually ended up wearing it for a few days longer than I originally intended! Ok, so truthfully some of that was just due to timing and/or exhaustion but it's such a beautiful color that it wasn't an issue at all. But I could have worn it a lot longer, in all honesty! As the first group custom I am really impressed and definitely look forward to future releases!


  1. This colour is lovely on you. I would definitely wear it for a few days too!

  2. Yes, teal blue all the way, great shade.

  3. Beautiful polish and stunning swatches I don't blame you for not wanting to take it off :D X