Friday, April 29, 2016

Girly Bits More Cowbell

I have also had this polish kicking around for awhile (because I'm a terrible person). And it's even another Girly Bits polish! Today I have More Cowbell, which was actually from the 2013 Fall collection-- the whole collection was inspired by TV shows and in particular, this polish was inspired by the famous Chistopher Walken "more cowbell" sketch on SNL. (And if you haven't seen this, please go watch it ASAP!) I think I picked up this polish when it was on sale at Girly Bits because they were retiring it, so unfortunately it's unavailable now. (Though it is still available for sale at Harlow & Co if you decide you can't live without it.)

More Cowbell is described as a "steel blue gray with tightly scattered holo with blue iridescent flakies." I initially thought the blue flakies were microglitters, but I need to go back and look at my bottle to be 100% sure. They are lost in my photos, unfortunately, but they do add some nice depth to this polish. I wore this back in December, so I honestly don't remember a whole lot about it, other than that I don't recall having any issues. I am pretty sure I used three coats here, though most likely you could get away with two.

I am so in love with this polish. This is probably the type of holo finish I love the most-- the soft wash of holo that gives it such a warm, glowy look. I wish I could find real paint like this! But anyway, I digress. I'm so glad I picked up this polish because it's gorgeous and the finish is basically everything I want. Love love love it!


  1. This is so dang pretty. Pam really knows how to make those tricky to photograph stunners. I think this is going on my wishlist for sure!

  2. This is a gorgeous polish. I love the complex holos that Pam puts out for Girly Bits.

  3. GAH! This is gorgeous! Pam does an phenomenal job!

  4. More Cowbell...I freakin' love it :D Beautiful swatches!