Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nicole by OPI Sand in My Shorts

Bear with me, I've got a leftover spring/summer polish to share with you today. Sand in My Shorts was my favorite of the Nicole by OPI Roughles polishes and so when I saw these at a local drugstore, I decided to grab it. Yay textured polish! Sand in My Shorts is a yellow texture polish with orange flecks in it.

I used two coats here and that gave good coverage. In fact, this polish was almost good in one coat (surprising for something with a yellow base!) but it's true. I needed two to eliminate visible nail line. This didn't seem to dry quite as quickly as some of the other textured polishes I've used, but maybe I was just being impatient. I have a ding on my index finger due to that-- because I almost had a polish disaster; I grabbed the bottle and the top wasn't screwed on all the way and it almost spilled all over my living room. Disaster averted, thankfully, but it was a scary few seconds.

Artificial light (flash):

Natural light (shade):

Natural light (sun):

This polish is so cheerful; I can't help but smile when I look at these pictures. What do you think of this polish? Did you pick up any polishes from the Roughles polishes? Which was your favorite?


  1. Interesting texture this is! I like the red speckles in the yellow.

    1. I know! The Roughles collection was definitely unique among textured polishes!