Friday, September 5, 2014

Football Friday: EWU Edition

After eeking out a win last week against Hawaii, the Dawgs open up play at home and will hopefully have a better outing (fingers crossed, otherwise it will be a long, grim football season). The weather is supposed to be beautiful and in the low 80's and nothing says September like a crisp breeze, sunshine and football! We're playing a lower division state school this week, but make no mistake, this is no cupcake game!

This week I decided to pull out another of my Ozotic polishes, Ozotic 624. This has a similar base to Ozotic 513, but instead of linear holographic this has a more scattered holographic finish. This polish has also been discontinued, but the piCture pOlish brand has been bringing back some of these polishes, reformulated and renamed-- so this one might make a second appearance in the future! Here I used three coats and no top coat.

Artificial light - flash:

Natural light - sun:

I couldn't let this polish languish any longer, especially since the weather is supposed to be so nice! I actually love the scattered holographic finish and the glow it gives this polish.

Go Dawgs! Beat the Eagles! 

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