Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pahlish Little Rebel Droid

And here we are!! The last day of my Star Wars nail polish marathon AND my birthday! *cough*33*cough* For my last themed polish, today I have Pahlish Little Rebel Droid, which was a Black Friday special and I can only assume is inspired by R2-D2. To me, it can't be anyone else, and given that Artoo is one of the few characters in every movie (C-3PO being the other) it seems fitting that this polish should round out my month of Star Wars polishes. 

Little Rebel Droid is a squishy deep blue jelly packed full of red/blue shimmer and red flakies. With the jelly finish, it is a touch thick but was mostly opaque in one coat. I ended up using three because of my longer nails, but I would bet most people could get away with two. It went on smoothly and the flakies were pretty dense (though not overly so) and it dried smoothly as well. No complaints here!

Photographing this was a bitch! My currently set up is basically point and shoot and my lighting/camera is not very good at catching these deep, moody polishes that have a lot of detail and depth to them. Soooo frustrating! Natural light ended up being the best way to capture all the flakies in focus, but of course was done the morning after I painted my nails, so my top coat is already showing some wear and tear! 

Here's an iPhone shot to hopefully you give you a bit more of the flakie action:

All in all, I really like this polish-- though I wish I had been able to capture it a bit better on camera. In low lights it does look pretty dark, but otherwise you can see the flakies and they really make this polish interesting and give it a lot of depth. I guess this one of first Pahlish polishes I have really worn as a full manicure and I'm happy with it! I have others in my collection, so I look forward to trying them out!

Personally, I had so much fun doing this. I know not everyone out there is a Star Wars fan (there's so much to love, though, give it a try!) but hopefully you have enjoyed all the polishes inspired by the SW fandom. Real talk: I actually have a shit ton more polishes that I haven't even shown you yet!! However, even I need a break from Star Wars occasionally so while I probably won't be doing another month of themed polishes, you might see more in December as we approach the release of Rogue One (if I remember [about the polishes, not the movie]). This was a fun challenge for myself, though, and one I'm glad I did. But shhhh, don't tell-- I'm really looking forward to diving back into my stash and picking out some non-SW themed polishes to wear and post! Look for a round-up post in the future and in the mean time I will be taking a few days off to regroup and decompress before I start posting again!


  1. Love your blog and I am the follower #85 on GFC.
    I hope that you will follow me back <3

  2. I'm so sad that I missed out on this!!

  3. I have absolutely loved this series and the polishes you've showcased. This is a great one to end with. The flakies are lovely!

  4. Look at those flakies! And I am usually no fan of them!

  5. Happy late Birthday! What a gorgeous polish to celebrate with x