Saturday, January 16, 2016

(Hopefully) Short Hiatus

I feel like 2016 is off to a rough start-- anyone with me? This week on Thursday my laptop decided to up and die on me-- as in, it will (maybe) power on but nothing comes up on the screen. Super!! Tech support seems to think it's a power supply/cpu issue and not a hard drive issue, but it's still annoying and worrisome. It's still under warrenty because we were smart and paid for the extended one, but I still have to ship it off and they have to fix it, so I probably won't have a computer until February at this rate! 

Luckily, all my most important stuff is backed up so in case it is a hard drive issue, I will only lose a few bits and bobs; in this case, mostly nail polish swatches! Which will put me behind even more, but it could be worse. Hopefully it's a not a hard drive issue at all, but take a lesson kids: back up your stuff regularly (aka every day)! 

Needless to say, it will be difficult to update my blog while I have no computer. It is possible I might be able to use my husband's personal laptop but sometimes he had issues sharing so we'll see. ;) I will work up some posts in the meantime so as soon as I get my laptop back I can get back to it, but in the meantime I'm sorry to have to take a short break. I will try to post NOTD on Instagram: follow me @catray if you like! You can also follow me on Twitter @lacquerland where I will post updates and pictures too!  

I hope 2016 is off to better start for everyone reading this! I hope back to blogging asap! 


  1. I hope your laptop gets fixed very soon and its nothing too bad!

  2. Hope your laptop will work perfectly after repairing!