Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Julep Marcy

Today I have a polish that I love to share with you, Julep Marcy. This polish was originally released in the March Maven boxes, but I received it as an extra in one of my recent boxes when I bought 3+ add-ons. Marcy is described a "prosecco silk with a semi-matte opalescent" finish. This is a pretty good description-- to me Marcy is very reminiscent of ivory silk and has a very bridal feel to it; it also has a gorgeous pink/blue opalescent shimmer to it.

At first, I was afraid this polish was going to give me flashbacks to Deborah Lippman Pseudo Silk Kimono. They share similar characteristics-- silk matte finish and a light color. I was afraid it was going to be the same mess all over again. Despite my fears, I was rewarded with a much better experience with Marcy. Because of the light color, I did use a lighter hand to try and prevent streaking. And yes, this did want to streak. I used three carefully applied coats to even out the coverage. This is a matte, er, silk, finish, so it does dry down more quickly than most polishes, though not so quickly as to make it difficult to work with.

Artificial light (flash):

No apologies here, I love this polish! I think it would have been perfect for my wedding day and was very wearable and chic. I felt very elegant while wearing this. So Marcy is definitely a winner in my book and I'm glad it snuck into my Maven box when I passed on it the first time around.