Wednesday, December 31, 2014

OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Happy New Years to you all! I am being incredibly boring and working on clearing off my DVR right now while the rest of my family sleeps. Super exciting! Actually, I'll be honest-- I don't really care about staying up until midnight to ring in the new year-- especially now that I have kids and they will definitely not sleep in despite my keen wishes. I honestly haven't even really made any New Years resolutions, except for I need to get organized and pay off my debt. As for the blog, my main goal is to just post more. Oh, and get through my massive collection and not buy anymore polishes (hahahahaha).

Even though I'm not doing anything supremely exciting, I do have a lovely polish to share with you! Tonight I have OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, which is from the first Gwen Stefani collaboration I grabbed this on sale from Ulta awhile ago, and this was the one polish from the collection I really wanted so I'm glad I was able to snag it. Love.Angel.Music.Baby is a pretty gold that dries down to a semi-matte satin finish. This has almost velvety, soft feeling to it when it dries down-- it reminds of the Julep suede polishes from a couple years ago. I am pretty sure I used two coats here and it dried to the satin finish in good time (not so fast that you had to worry about messing up your polishing job). Unfortunately, because this is a matte/satin finish, it is prone to chipping more quickly than if you were wearing a top coat (hopefully).

Artificial light (flash):

I love this gold-- it's soft and subtle and a nice metallic pop without being super showy (if you're in the mood for that). Plus, I would bet it looks equally stunning with a top coat, even though I didn't apply one here. 

Hope you all have a Happy New Years! Any resolutions? 


  1. I didn't think I would like this polish as much as I do, but it's quite lovely! Happy New Year, Cat! I hope you got to sleep in at least a little bit :-)