Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Fourth Be With You!

Better late than never, right? Most of you will probably see this on May 5th, but whatever. If you are a Star Wars fan, May 4th has become something of a holiday in the fandom-- also known as Star Wars Day. Like most things, I had grand plans for a May the Fourth manicure, but real life (mainly, twin babies) gets in the way. So I took the easy route and used one of my May the Fourth Be With You trio polishes-- Rebel Alliance by Liquid Sky Lacquer. I saw this trio advertised on Instagram and knew I had to have because I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I love polishes based on the movies.

Rebel Alliance is my first Liquid Sky Lacquer and the creator, Carolyn, does a lot of thermal polishes (this is also my first thermal polish as well)! While not a new thing, there seems to be a trend in indies to make thermal polishes and there are a lot of gorgeous ones out there. As the name implies, a thermal polish changes color based on temperature. In this case, Rebel Alliance, changes from a cool gold when warm to a vibrant green when cold. Due to the color changing pigment (I assume), the gold does have a slight green tinge to it, especially at angles. This applies fairly easily, though with the color change (it started changing on my nail) I found it difficult to accurately assess if I had any thin/bald patches. It was a little on the sheer side, so I used three coats here, plus a top coat.



The green is actually a lot more vibrant in person-- the flash is washing it out, which sucks. It's so so so SO pretty in person. The color change is also pretty quick-- almost as soon as you dunk your hand (or nails) in cold water, green appears. But the change back is also quick; you can see in my photos that the color is already transitioning from green to gold on some nails.

In any case, as my introduction to thermal polishes, I love this one and have been trying to find excuses to dip my hands in cool water just to see the color change. I do wish I hadn't trimmed my nails earlier in the day before apply this, because if I had a little more free edge there might be more green on the tips. Oh well, next time!

What's your verdict on thermal polishes? Yay or nay? I haven't gone out of my way to get anyway, but now that I own one I'm definitely curious to try a few more!


  1. Replies
    1. The sad part is that it looks so much better in person-- my photos are not doing it any justice at all. I'm already planning on rephotographing this soon!

  2. Gorgeous color! I'm kind of over thermals but I don't hate them yet, lol.

    1. I guess since this my only thermal, I'm not over them yet-- I just really haven't been inspired to buy any in the first place! I feel like I wear my nails too short for them to be really effective and stunning-- so what's the point? (Other than finding ways to get them to change color.) But this one is really pretty-- the green is gorgeous and I'm not normally a huge green fan.

  3. What a gorgeous color, in both temps (though I'm partial to the cold). I'm totally not over thermals, I think they're really cool and I've *usually* got something of a free edge on which I can display them to their full advantage. And May the Fourth be with you!! I've said this to my husband for the past two years, he being a major Star Wars fan, and he never gets it, lol.