Sunday, September 22, 2013

FingerPaints Our Tips Are Tealed

Today I have a new polish from FingerPaints to share with you-- Our Tips Are Tealed, from the "A Pair Affair" collection that was created by legendary nail polish blogger Michelle Mismas, author of All Lacquered Up. Now, All Lacquered Up was the very first nail polish blog I was ever introduced to and definitely helped to kick off my nail polish love and desire to eventually start my own blog. When she announced that she had teamed up with Sally Beauty to create her own nail polish collection, I was excited and when I saw the final polishes I knew I would get them all. Generally, a polish like Our Tips Are Tealed doesn't really jump out and grab me, but for some reason this was the first polish from the collection I wanted to wear-- given how pretty it is in the bottle, that may not be a surprise.

Our Tips Are Tealed is an "emerald leaning teal with metallic foil flecks and glitter," as described by Michelle herself. The first coat was a little sheer, but two coats gave me good opaque coverage. The glitter in this polish makes the finish a little gritty, but a top coat takes care of that easily. This polish has a very luminous, lit-from-within quality to it. My pictures show it to be a little bit more green than in real life, but it's definitely teal. The natural light pictures are very close to the true color.

Artificial light - flash:

Natural light - shade:

My only issue with Our Tips Are Tealed is that it chipped (on me) fairly rapidly. Now, part of that may have been my base coat/top coat combination (I was using Essie treatments) and also perhaps due to all the hormonal changes happening in my body but I'm just throwing that out there. Generally, I don't expect my manicures too last too long anyway as I change my nail polish fairly regularly and I am pretty rough on my hands, but this time my manicure did seem to chip slightly faster than "normal" for me. However, I wouldn't necessarily blame it on the polish, for reasons I have mentioned above.


  1. So pretty! I almost bought this over the weekend!

    1. It is really pretty! Probably more so in person than in pictures.

  2. This. Is. Amazing. It looks glassfleck-y, like Ivanka but richer. Where'd you find this?

  3. Liesl, you can get it online at Sally Beauty-- they were also supposed to be in stores September 1, I believe, but I know the Sally Beauty stores around me can be a little hit or miss with the collections.