Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SquareHue Vintage Love February Box

Today I have a review of the SquareHue February box, which was a collection entitled Vintage Love. SquareHue is another monthly polish subscription service. For $21, you get three preselected, full-sized polishes sent to your door every month and there's a theme for each month (February was Vintage Love, the upcoming March is The O'Hue Collection). You don't get to see the colors before you get them, which adds a fun element to surprise to the whole thing.

High School Crush, a pale peachy pink creme:

At first I thought High School Crush was a pale pink, but it's actually a little bit peachy. That makes me like it more. The formula was on the streaky side, but still applied pretty easily and dried down quickly to a nice shiny finish. Like the name implies, this color has a light, innocent feeling to it.

Wartime Romance, a dusky deep rose-plum:

Wartime Romance is so pretty. The formula on this is great and went on very smoothly (I used three coats here, though I probably could have gotten away with two). It also dried quickly. At first I was afraid that this would look too old-lady, but there are some purple tones in this polish that make it deeper and more intense. It does have a slightly old-timey feel to it (and I'm a sucker for anything WWII) and I think the name and the color are perfect together.

Dear John, a vampy deep red shimmer:

Dear John is super vampy and a very dark shimmery red. To me, Dear John is very reminiscent of OPI Germanicure and takes on brown tones sometimes. The shimmer gets lost a little in low light because it's so dark, but it is very pretty.

Overall, I liked the box, though I can't say I blown away. While I do like being surprised with the colors, I'm not sure how unique the color are and the formula on High School Crush was disappointing. I am getting my March box and then I'll make a decision as to whether or not I want to continue with it. I like the SquareHue bottles and brushes a lot-- the brushes are a little stubby, but had a nice stiffness and flexibility that made applying the polish pretty easy.

If you're interested in joining SquareHue, check out their website.


  1. Hopefully they will release some more unique colors. These are pretty, but definitely not very unique. Unless you are new to nail polish and don't have 214092364283 polishes like most of us, haha.

    1. Yeah, that's kind of where I am now. I guess you could see the same thing about Julep, but they give you a lot of choices. I'll see what the March box looks like and then I'll make a decision.

  2. I'm really enjoying hearing and seeing more of this service. I agree with you, though, the colors aren't particularly unique... Seriously loving Wartime Romance, though :)

    1. Thanks! I want to see what the March looks like before I make decision, though I do like the idea of the box. Wartime Romance was definitely my favorite of the three.